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Post from April 14, 2013

Use Spin Rite, by Steve Gibson

Spin Rite by Steve Gibson

First off, I have to say that I will never do as good a job at explaining what Spin Rite, then the creator of it, Steve Gibson. The fact is that hard drives do not only last for a finite amount of time, but they’re all flawed. Certain sectors of any hard drive are bad and the way that hard drives adjust for this, automatically, is by always setting aside a certain amount of the space it has for the multiplicity of data, so to speak. Not only this, but certain parts of hard drives naturally degrade over time. Spin Rite is meant to help with this inevitable problem.

Spin Rite can be run from any computer, running any operating system, because it works like a Linux Live CD. It comes with the FreeDos operating system. All that you have to do is boot from it and you can run it. Now Spin Rite can run in one of two ways. It can run in its almost daily mode which is more of a preemptive mode or it can run in data recovery mode which is post emergency mode. In the first mode, which people should really get into the habit of running, Spin Rite attempts to look for these bad sectors on your hard drive in an attempt to label them as bad and possibly repair the error. This insures that your computer continues to run probably and will likely prevent several future hard drive problems. In the instance that you haven’t done this and your now in data recovery mode, Spin Rite will attempt to make a hard drive, and thereby your operating system bootable again so that you can safely remove potentially lost data from it. This is really Spin Rite’s claim to fame. It has allowed several people who desperately need to recover data, to do so following some hard drive failure. It is truly “The World’s Premier Magnetic Storage Data Recovery, Repair, and Maintenance Utility” created and maintained by Steve Gibson. The only drawback is that it is expensive at $89.00 for a first time buyer, but if you know the cost of professional data recovery services, you know that this is a bargain price in the instance that your in an emergency and need to potentially lost data. Check it out and it is truly a positive habit to run Spin Rite in that first mode on a daily basis.

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