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The New Facebook Redesign

The New Facebook Redesign

Mark Zuckerburg unvieled the new Facebook redesign today and I have to say that I think this is definitely going to breathe new passion into a quickly fading network. Recent stories have suggested that Facebook has finally peaked and started to fall not so much in popularity, but in innovativeness and excitement. One can make the argument that Facebook has made the switch to a utility unlike Myspace and that it’s here to say, but without innovativeness, your looking at the next IBM or Microsoft. The new redesign takes our personal social media and displays it to us with the same elegance and professionalism as the professional news media we consume. Sign up to receive the new design early at https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed.

(Credit to Gizmodo, http://gizmodo.com/5989237/how-to-get-the-new-facebook-newsfeed-early?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_facebook&utm_source=gizmodo_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow)

Slax: Pocket Linux Operating System


Evernote 5 for Mac OS X Mountain Lion

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Evernote 5 and even longer since the first release of the beta. I’ve always been a big fan of Evernote. It’s one of those applications and services that become indispensable to your workflow. It allows for the ubiquitous capture of information and quick lookup of information. Evernote 5 for Mac takes Evernote even higher by adding on a fit and finish that you’d expect from a high quality Mac applications. The application is a joy to use and I recommend it to everyone, especially people who have never tried Evernote before or were unimpressed with previous versions.

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