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It is Easy to Do Something, Difficult to do the Right Thing

Post-Graduate Blues

I graduated two years ago from college and there is one striking observation that I think warrants some attention. College graduates really have it tough nowadays. If you take a moment to skim the headlines, it is easy to realize that the state of post-graduates in talked about in the news fairly regularly. You’ll hear stories about how graduates are having a hard time finding employment and you’ll hear stories about how graduates are being underemployed, which is to say that their current employment under-utilizes the skills gained from their expensive education. For instance, no one went to school for four years with the intention of becoming a barista at Starbucks. Nonetheless, you’ll also hear a lot of stories about graduates who are employed. While I haven’t been under-employed, I do fall into the other two categories. Now, more then ever, I truly believe that graduates have to make their way through there post-graduate lives with a focus on the center.

Leaning Your Ladder Against the Wrong Wall

Two years out of college, I’ve realized that it is very easy to do something, but it’s very difficult to do the right thing. I’ll explain this further. Have you ever gotten so caught up, that it has really felt like momentum has pushed you forward rather than desire? I think that it is very easy to get comfortable with something gives you a certain sense of security. When you’re in that state of comfort, it can be very easy to keep working on something further, if only because it is providing you a sense of achievement. The scary part happens when you take a moment of pause and reflection. I think that many people at a point like this likely have more questions than answers. If you’re walking up a ladder, then you’re making progress towards the top, but if you make it to the top and find that you’ve leaned your ladder against an incorrect wall, then that progress can become less significant. It is easy to do something and it’s normal to want to find that position of security, but I think that it’s more important to focus on and to do what feels right. It takes aptitude to do something well, but courage to do something great… and something great doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be right.

Top 5 Qualities of Successful Individuals

Role Models

I myself have a series of role models that span the spectrum from doctors to entrepreneurs and I’ve often thought about what makes these individuals both influential and successful. In my view, there are a certain qualities that across the board are indicative of someone who has the ability to be highly successful. I’m going to provide my top five qualities that I believe makes someone successful.

1. Arrogance

At the number one spot, I put arrogance and I know that that must seem rather odd. Arrogance is often thought of as being something negative to be looked down upon, but I think that this is nothing more than an overly associated negative connotation. Arrogance can and is often a positive quality. You have to realize that if someone doesn’t care or belief enough in what they are doing then there would be no reason for anyone else to believe in them. It takes a bit of arrogance in order to put yourself out to say that you’re someone worth attention. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you.

2. The Ability to Think Different

Think Different was for a very long time the slogan that Apple used in order to promote the Mac.  People that used Mac different from PC users in that they were creative and willing to push the bounds of convention. Innovation is inherently connected to the ability to think unconventionally. A successful person has to be willing to push their mind outside of their comfort zone.

3. A Tolerance for Failure

This is another quality that I think seems counter-intuitive on the surface. The fact is that people make mistakes. People fail. Well, successful people are no different. If you look at the career of the late Steve Jobs, he had many successes. He succeeded with the Macintosh, the iPhone, the iPad, and Mac OS X. He also had many failures though and people don’t often remember this. The iPod Hi-fi, the original Apple TV, and the Newton are examples of some of Steve Jobs’ failures. The fact is that sometimes you have to fail in order succeed and even if you fail a thousand times, it can still be worth that one time that you succeed.

4. A Work Ethic

A work ethic is probably one of the qualities on my list that is obvious. It’s a simple quality and it’s an essential one. A successful individual understands that success takes a great deal of work and sacrifice. You have to be willing to push through the low points in order to succeed. It’s the daily grind that often leads to that one day when a project proves to be a success. If you’re not willing to give everything you have to an endeavour, then you can’t expect to be successful.

5. A High Value of One’s Personal Time

There are 24 hours in a day and you don’t have the ability to add any extra hours to that. The fact is that everyone works under time constraints and the ability to manage those constraints is what leads to success. A successful person values his/her time and manages it well. One has to realize that a single person can’t do everything and trying to do everything will only lead to failure and frustration. Time management, delegation, and value are what lead to success.

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