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Back to Basics | A Letter to John Chen, CEO of Blackberry

It has been a while, but after a time of reflections, I am ready to hit the ground running once again with some new posts and announcements. The new theme of the hour is back to basics. With that being said, I would like to take a moment to write a letter to Blackberry’s CEO, John Chen, regarding the Blackberry Playbook, Blackberry’s only released tablet which may go down in history as the only tablet Blackberry has ever released. My letter is as follows…

John Chen, CEO of Blackberry,

Mr. Chen, I would like to take a moment to talk about Blackberry and in particular the Playbook. First off, it’s great to see you at the helm of Blackberry. Even in the short time that you have been there you have made significant strides in changing the tone at Blackberry and streamlining the efforts of the development team. I speak for all the Blackberry community when I say that the recent BB 10 update (10.2.1) has taken Blackberry 10 to an entirely different level. It feels like a fully baked OS now and quite frankly, I prefer it to iOS and Android. All Blackberry fans and supporters clearly prefer it as well. It’s fluid, functional, and most of all effective. The Z10 is the best phone that I have ever used and I yearn to have the same OS on my Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry made a promise to its community and to every purchaser of the Blackberry Playbook three years ago when it released the tablet with the full and stated intention of releasing Blackberry OS 10 for it in the future. This is a promise that has gone unfulfilled and now with your recent EOL announcement, you have left every Playbook owner, in particular the owners who make up the loyal Blackberry community, with a device that will not only not receive the new operating system, but will also receive no more updates. This includes not only updates to the OS, but no more security updates or updates that will keep the device functional. This is a major blunder on Blackberry’s part. As an active user of the Playbook, I would like to see Blackberry do something to make up for this unfulfilled promise, whether it be in the form of continued updates, the realization of BB10 on the Playbook, or a third option. Blackberry could open source the Playbook software so that the open source community can pick up where Blackberry developers left off. Another solution (one which I am fond of) is that Blackberry give us the ability to mirror BB10 off our our BB10 device onto our Playbooks. This would be a simple way of proving Blackberry’s commitment to its most loyal consumers. 

In closing, Blackberry has always provided its users with a unique experience that cannot be easily mimicked. It is in Blackberry’s best interest to retain its loyal customer and to do this includes providing Playbook a sign that Blackberry recognizes that it was a mistake on their part to not provide users with the a promised commitment to bring OS 10 to the Playbook. I for one would really like to keep using my Playbook, but it is already a device that is well on it’s way to being completely obsolete. 



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