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Top 5 Features I Want to See From Linkedin

1. More Graphical Representations of Job History and Data

With the most recent incarnation of Linkedin, the team has managed to include many more graphical representations of data, but I would like to see a lot more. The ability to graphically see how you’re connected to a particular member is great. The ability to add digital media to job history entries was not only a great addition, but also essential, especially to those in creative industries. Further, the graphic that displays your skills and subsequent endorsements has taken the recommendation feature of Linkedin to a much more baseline level. It’s a snapshot of the synthesis of one’s recommendations. Despite the above, I look at sites such as Re.vu, which is a service that allows you to create a digital/interactive resume, and see a lot of features that are lacking in Linkedin. For instance, the timeline feature of Re.vu gives a person an immediate snapshot overview of a person’s professional history. It’s an effective way of immediately giving a prospective employer or anyone a great, rough sketch of where a person has been and where they’re heading. These kind of graphics are what I would like to see in the future from Linkedin. Of course, in the meantime I’d recommend that everyone take a look at Re.vu. I have a profile there and the great thing about Re.vu is that it has import tool that makes it very easy to create a profile from your Linkedin profile. It’s the perfect professional companion to Linkedin.

2. Widgets, Such as Twitter and other Blogging Services

Prior to the most recent Linkedin update, the site offered many options for addition of third party services as well as social media integration. In the aftermath, it seems that most if not all of these optional additions have been removed and though it was my hope that by now they would be added back; they have not. I am thankful though that my WordPress automatic posting to my Linkedin profile still works. I would like to see greater customization of Linkedin profiles through the use of widgets. I think it’s a great way to keep a Linkedin profile dynamic and to demonstrate a person’s abilities. Blogging, for instance, helps a potential applicant to demonstrate that they are up to date with current events and can help to fill in gaps in employment.

3. HTML Embed Codes

I think that Linkedin should make there HTML embed codes more prevalent to users so that they can make they’re Linkedin profiles more easily viewable on personal websites and blogs. I utilize this feature already, but it did take me a bit of Google searching in order to find my own personal code that would work. I think that Linkedin should make this more accessible to users by including it in the user settings.

4. Lower Price for Premium Features

I think that Linkedin would see a higher subscription rate for their offerings of premium accounts is they offered a tier at lower rates. I’m not attempting to say that $19.95/mo for a basic job seeker account is unreasonable, but given prolonged unemployment times, it might be best to start out at a lower rate. I for one would be much more receptive to continuing my premium subscription if the basic rate was lowered by 25%.

5. Linkedin Storage for Files

The way Linkedin functions right now, you aren’t able to store any files on Linkedin. Everything has to be linked to from somewhere else. This itself isn’t that big of a problem. Many users, such as myself, obviously circumvent this problem by storing files on a cloud solution such as Dropbox and linking to files there. There are obviously also many other options, such as, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Box.net, and Amazon Cloud storage. I think that Linkedin should include some degree of storage in order to make these already present features more accessible for less tech-savvy users.

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