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The Line Between Imitation and Inspiration

One of the ideas that I’ve been thinking about over the last couple of weeks is the internet and how that relates to the proliferation of ideas in relation to the pure creation of ideas. I think that one of the characteristics of the modern, digital age is that it is much more difficult to create in a vacuum. It’s difficult to achieve what I call “pure” creation. In general, ideas all of origins and those with a digital trail are very easy to follow. In thinking about myself and my daily process, I’ve realized that often times I forget where an idea originated from simply because I read through a lot of content. On daily basis, I skim through about 50-100 titles of articles, blog posts, and news headlines. I skim through about 20-30 of those pieces. I read through about 5-10 of those particular pieces. It’s easy to tell that I can’t always sift through all of those in order to find out where an idea that I’m thinking about, came from and that calls into question whether I’ve been inspired by something or whether I’m just imitating something I’ve already read.

Imitation is something that I think is just a consequence of the Internet. You can find just about about any story in a thousand if not more different places on the web and that obviously means that your attempt to imitate an idea isn’t all that worthwhile. It will just get lost in the shuffle and the adage is true. An imitation is nice, but it’s never quite as good as the original. I think that the line between imitation and inspiration is difficult for some people to ascertain. It should be obvious that we should strive to be inspired by things and strive to create something new. For me one of the effective ways to keep the line in mind is to always “give credit where credit is do.” We grow up in school always being told to cite our sources and that’s great for formal pieces, but people often forget that citing a source doesn’t always have to mean creating a document with a title, body, and footer. It’s not necessary. Whenever I write something, I’m just diligent in making sure that I’m citing the origins of my ideas, and whenever possible linking to where an idea came from. In that way, I know almost instantaneously whether I’m just rewriting something or writing something that was brought about by inspiration. I think that if you know the line between imitation and inspiration then that lends itself to helping you to not fall into the hole of attempting to mimic someone’s success in place of doing something that actually matters to you. 

Why Not Rushing to Accept a Position After College Has Turned Out to Be Blessing in Disguise

I’ve noticed that it’s become a trend for influencers on Linkedin to write about how a radical decision turned out to be one of the greatest choices they have ever made and that’s inspired me to write about my own. I think that during a time when we’re attempting to improve with a slowly regrowing economy, it’s essential to view stages in life as opportunities.

It’s that time when soon to be graduates are scrambling to finalize their plans after college. There’s definitely a lot of pressure involved and I remember that well. The truth is that I’m probably still at that stage, but my nascent realization is that it’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When you have the time to think about who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what inspires you, you have the ability to make profound discoveries.

Since graduating, I’ve had the time to expand my interests in ways I would’ve never thought possible. With the time to take risks and begin new projects, I’ve had the ability to expand my mind and gain an even better understanding of myself. While some interests have only grown, others have developed. It’s an extraordinary thing. If I want to start writing a book, I can do that. If I have an idea for a start up, I can begin to lay down the groundwork for that. If I want to write about something, I can start another blog. The takeaway is to be true to yourself. It’s important to take everything as an opportunity and above all else to stay true to yourself. Take control of your personal brand and use the Internet to your advantage. Not rushing into accepting a position after college has been a blessing in disguise.

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