I am an aspiring financial professional seeking an entry-level position in the financial services industry. My work is marked by a great deal of professionalism, elegance and an attention to detail that is always at the forefront. I take pride in producing a quality product no matter what the task. My interests lie at the intersection of finance, technology, government and innovation, with a focus on the creation of the companies and organizations of the future.

The cornerstone of my educational background lies at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where I double majored in international business and finance, along with a minor in government. I have always had a large interest in technology and my time at The Hoya Newspaper allowed me to indulge in that interest. While at The Hoya, I demonstrated my attention to detail, my ability to organize information and my ability to present that information in an extremely effective manner. My time at former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s D.C. office allowed me to demonstrate my ability to conduct research, communicate effectively with a team, as well as constituents, and gave me an invaluable experience in congressional affairs. Further my time as an employee at Georgetown’s Housing Office, gave me the opportunity to showcase my professionalism and use of specialty skills, such as my Spanish language. As a member of the Washington D.C. Metro area’s professional community, my education and professional experiences have complemented each other in such a way as to produce the well-around skills and attributes I possess.

I am known for my standards, my ability to continually perform at a high-level. I am known for my professionalism and focus, my ability to conduct myself with poise regardless of the situation I’m presented with. Further I am defined by my adaptability and these are just a few of the many qualities I possess. I can guarantee desire perform and my ability to be a high-value asset.

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