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Start-Up Opportunities in Social Networking

Financial Intersections

In the world of social networking, there are essentially three giants. Linkedin is the professional networking site. Facebook is the personal networking sites to connect with friends and family and Twitter is meant to form connections with everyone and anyone, unless you’d like to keep your Twitter stream more private. Anyone with a keen eye can quickly notice that there is a lot of room for startups to specialize within the space of these major spheres. None of the giants really do anything perfectly. Facebook had over-grown. Linkedin is sonewhat of a public directory and Twitter has over-limited. The point being that there is room for services to specialize on doing certain things really well. We see this with new social networks such as Path. Path’s intent is essentially to take you back to the pre-Facebook behemoth years. It’s meant to be a place to connect with your closest friends…

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