The Expansion and Contraction Project Method



A tenant of good writing is brevity. If you’re like me, then this hasn’t always been mastered quality. Nonetheless, I’ve realized that there is a value to be had in putting every possible idea out there and to trim down once you have the panoramic view. I started with writing, but have realized that there is something to be said for the so called, “Expansion and Contraction Project Method,” and you’ve guessed right that this is geared towards projects rather than writing, though the idea did originate from writing. Whenever I start a new project I’ve seen a lot of value in essentially building it up as much as possible. I brainstorm every possible idea, action, or addition that can be apart of the project and even follow through with most of these despite the fact that many of the components get removed in the contraction phase. Contraction is either an ongoing process or the final stage of a project. The general idea behind the concept is build up and then shape or expand and then contract. I’m not sure if there is already a phrase coined for the idea, but I’ll coin it now and I think that for anyone seeking a more efficient way of tackling tasks take some time consider the Expansion and Contraction Project Method. 

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