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SVBTLE is a New Innovative, Modern Publishing Platform

SVBTLE is a New Innovative, Modern Publishing Platform

SVBTLE is as written, “A new kind of magazine.” It’s a publishing platform that is membership based so in order to become a member you need to be someone with a presence on the online and a history of high-quality writing. Having sent in my own application, I have to say that it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re looking for a new publishing platform to get your content out there, consider sending in an application at Svbtle as well. Aside from it’s innovative background, SVBTLE also has a very clean, modern, and polished look that makes every post very professional. The writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, have great ideas, and are great writers. Every SVBTLE author, has their own page with a brief description, a unique icon, their Twitter handle and their personal website or About.me page. Articles/posts are voted up through a system of kudos. Anyone can give a post a “kudo” and those posts with the most kudos make it to the SVBTLE homepage. Despite the fact SVBTLE makes it a point of not writing too much about itself on it’s website, it is very intuitive and easy to pick up. There’s a lot of great content on SVBTLE and it’s definitely something to check out. If you’re interested in writing for it, go ahead apply for membership.

A Response to Bill Gates Regarding the State of iPad and Android Tablets

The latest post from Endless Progression discussing Microsoft’s Surface.

Endless Progression

A Response to Bill Gates Regarding the State of iPad and Android Tablets

If you click on the picture above, you’ll be taken to an article from The Guardian, entitled “Bill Gates predicts iPad and Android users will switch to PC tablets,” by Charles Arthur. In the article, we learn a little about Microsoft co-founder, and former CEO, Bill Gates. To summarize Gates predicts that current iPad, iPad Mini and Android tablet users are going to move to Microsoft Surface products because current limitations. His major arguments for this prediction lies in the value of a physical keyboard and Microsoft Office. In my opinion, his arguments are fairly weak. I think we’ve noted that the value of a physical keyboard has been on the decline. More and more people are adept at using a virtual keyboard. Aside from this, many people still turn to an actual computer when they have to type something of extensive length. The argument centered around Microsoft Office is…

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Why LinkedIn Today has Become One of My Favorite Places to Consume My News

Why LinkedIn Today has Become One of My Favorite Places to Consume My News

LinkedIn seems to be coming out with new features every other week and one of the features that I think a lot of people aren’t making use of is LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn Today provides you with your own customized, professional news page. You can go in and select both categories of news you’re interested in, as well as, the Linkedin Influencers you’d like to follow. If you haven’t taken a look at some of the content produced by Influencers on Linkedin, then now is the time to take a look. There is an incredible amount of excellent articles with insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Linkedin Today also has a very compelling and modern design that makes you want to read, share and comment with a great community. With Linkedin’s new mobile application, you can also keep up with Linkedin news on the go. If you’re someone who already spends a lot of your time on Linkedin or haven’t opened up your profile in a while, this might be the time to do so and check out Linkedin Today.

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