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The Internet, Anonymity, and Propriety

The fact is that the cloak of anonymity breeds rashness and the Internet is the quintessential version of this cloak. In looking at things like Youtube comments, it’s apparent that we’re continuing along the trend of a lack of a sort of code of conduct for discussion on the web.

The same rules we use for discussion in real life don’t really apply to the web. Whether or not they should, is up for debate, but I think that we should start moving more towards requiring some sort of identity for discussion on formal medias because I think this is the only way we can start applying some propriety to discussions on the web and start making the Internet less extremist. Just an idea to think about for today.

Delicious is the Best Social-Bookmarking Site for Organization and Archive

Delicious is the best way to keep track if your bookmarks. The Tech Tipper professional tip.

The Tech Tipper

Today’s tip is simple. Use Delicious. Delicious is probably the quintessential social-bookmarking site. I used to use it regularly for a long time, but left it simply because there was a lack of innovation. That’s changed now. The current, revamped Delicious is the best way to remember and organize your bookmarks. The setup is easier than ever and with instant import of your bookmarks from Twitter, Facebook and several other social networking sites, you’re ready to go five minutes after setup. Delicious has also been updated to include the social features found in Twitter and several other social netowrking sites. You call follow people and have followers. The mobile application has also been updated and allows for easy bookmarking on the go. If you’ve never been a Delicious member, now is the time to join and if you like me were a long time user and have since left, then…

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OfficeSuite7: The Best Android Office App

The best Android office suite. Check it out.

The Tech Tipper


OfficeSuite 7 is bar far the best office suite available for Android. Not only does it have an elegant interface, but it boasts many features, such the ability to sync files with Google Drive and Dropbox. It’s editing controls are efficiently placed as well. If you’re looking for the best office suite for your Android device check it out

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