Let’s Define a Project

For most the word project carries an educational connotation. From a productivity standpoint though, a project can be any related number of tasks. Defining tasks in terms of projects helps in two ways that I value. First, understanding tasks as projects can help you focus. One of the most common causes of inefficiency is just intending to deal with a large number of things at the same time. I don’t believe in multi-tasking and I’ll talk more about multi-tasking in the future. The idea is that there’s a delay in shifting from one task to another. Mindsets don’t change instantaneously though you might want to believe that. Second, arranging tasks as projects helps to determine how urgent tasks are. One of the number causes of inefficiency is not putting weight on those projects that are actually important. For example, E-MAIL is almost always never your most urgent or important task. Think about it. Who makes a living from dealing with e-mail? Is e-mail more important than the duties of your position or job? E-mail will also be a topic that I’ll probably talk more about it. The takeaway from this post is that the idea of projects is a very important one and a project is simply an series of related tasks. Think about your tasks in the coming week and see if you can group them. In grouping them you might learn something about yourself.

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